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Mátyás Pribojszki

"Matyas is an impressive virtuoso harmonica player and has an original style.
He also has a very nice singing voice, and his band kicks the ass of many US bands!"

 /Rick Estrin/


Mátyás Pribojszki presents:


"Mátyás Pribojszki is one of the finest young harp players to emerge from Eastern Europe. He plays both traditional and contemporary blues harmonica styles with a practised assurance which belies his years and his tone, phrasing and timing are right on the money.
This is a man to watch!" – was a short but apposite intro about Mátyás by Steve Baker, the prestigous British harmonica artist.

Mátyás Pribojszki is a 43-year-old man in command of a full range of creative talents – he appreciates all the legendary blues harp masters who inspired him, but next to being faithful to traditional roots, he builds his own contemporary style which will probably open a new chapter in harmonica playing – and not only in the blues genre alone.

Mátyás is out touring and performing, from one country to another and proving, festival after festival, that he is not only a true harmonica talent, but a singer, a songwriter and an amazing showman as well. He brings people to listen to his music, and to dance to his highly energetic live performances. He always manages to grabb the attention of the audience, night after night in a varied showcase of entertainment that doesn't rely on any rules and regulations. Mátyás has already toured more than 30 countries in Europe with his bands and and jammed together on the festivals' stages with such great blues icons as Charlie Musselwhite (USA), Bob Margolin (USA), Duke Robillard (USA), Alex Schultz (USA), Howard Tate (USA), Guitar Shorty (USA), Otis Grand (UK), Carlos Del Junco (CAN), Herbie Goins (USA), Paul Lamb (UK), Andy J. Forest (USA), Tino Gonzales (USA) and from the new European generation e.g. Little G Weevil (H/USA), Enrico Crivellaro (I), B.B. & the Blues Shacks (D), Ian Siegal (UK), Mike Sponza (I), Ripoff Raskolnikov (A), "Sir" Oliver Mally (A), Raphael Wressnig (A) and many others.

He started playing the harmonica at the age of 15, when he listened to a rare recording of the late Sonny Boy Williamson. In 1995 he founded his first band, the Blues Fools. The band’s reputation quickly grew, and the band became the most well-known Hungarian blues band on the European blues scene. During the 10 successful years together with his Blues Fools Mátyás recorded three albums with them.

In January 2004 Mátyás invited some new, mostly jazz-influenced professional musicians to form the Mátyás Pribojszki Band. His purpose with this main project is to achieve progressive music goals with a multi-genre band in which each member has great experience. They first album, titled „Flavours” (released in January 2005) contains entirely original contemporary compositions testify to the varied and accomplished art of Mátyás' quartet, together with their perception and mastery of other genres. For this album Mátyás specially invited three of his contemporary guitarist friends such as Ian Siegal (UK), Little G. (H), and Mike Sponza (I).
In 2006 Mátyás and his mesmerizing high quartet has just come back from a very inspiring tour in Belgium, with re-arranged songs, and lots of new impressions, back in Budapest, still inspired, they have decided to record a live dvd „Live in Budapest”a very dynamic club gig on the city’s popular A38 concert ship.
In 2008 May the Mátyás Pribojszki Band have made they new , and one of the best, contemporary blues recording, titled „How many more?”, and this brand-new, high class cd is the first golden record of the band!

In March 2009. Mátyás and his Austria’s blues brother Ripoff Raskolnikov released their brand-new acoustic album, titled „Room for two”.
In August 2010. the Mátyás Pribojszki Band have made a brand-new, 100% live cd, titled „Boogie on the Ship”. This is a very dynamic,real and fun blues album with full of great improvizations, and solos.

The other hand Matyas Pribojszki was a member of the jury and invited artist at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany 2009, and also at the Baltic-Nordic Harmonica Festival in Parnu, Estonia, 2011.

In 2013. Matyas and his band have worked on they brand-new cd, and some new video too…The latest album „Treat”  has came out on 19th September 2013.

The 2014. was a very successful year for Matyas. He has been playing all around Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, France...) and his dream came true, because he did a great one month  tour in the USA with Little G. Weevil from Atlanta to Louisiana, through Memphis to Texas, and Kansas...

The latest (5th ) Matyas Pribojszki Band – “My stories” cd is out in summer 2016. With some real American blues icons as special guests like Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Margolin, and some younger blues ambassadors like Kid Andersen (USA), Andy J. Forest (USA), Raphael Wressnig (A), Little G. Weevil (USA/H), Bill Barrett (USA), Ryan Donohue (USA), Ripoff Raskolnikov (A) and Zoltán Nemes (H).

The new cd includes 12 songs, 11 new originals of Mátyás Pribojszki, and one cover of Wee Willie Wayne. Songs about women, disappointments, delights, losses, traveling, experiences throughout the range of emotions… So all about the Life. Real stories…


After 15 years, and lot of tours, experiences, members changing, and 5 cd, 1 dvd the frontman Mátyás Pribojszki has changed his band name. So from March 2018. the Mátyás Pribojszki Band name will be changed (!)  and the Band will be working, touring, making new releases on the following name:

"Jumping Matt and his Combo"

Mátyás "Jumping Matt" Pribojszki-harmonica, vocal,  Ferenc Szász-guitar,  Daniel Molnár-drums,  László Csizmadia-bass.

Besides his musician career, as a most amazing world-class jazz/blues harmonica performer, Mátyás is the official endorser of the Hohner harmonicas http://www.playhohner.com/artists/matyas-pribojszki and he has a special harmonica online store too: www.harmonica.hu 
On the other hand, he has dozens of young harmonica students in Hungary and Mátyás also the author of a Hungarian harmonica school-book for beginners, titled “Harp School”: „Herfli Suli” – www.herflisuli.hu 

”Mátyás Pribojszki is definitely a brilliant instrumentalist; his tasteful play can by all means compete with the best harmonica players of the blues planet. But the most interesting fact is probably that he is clearly on his way to a very personal and expressive style of his own that will help to redefine the role of his modest instrument in the close future. Thanks Matt, for your warm music.
Besides: the band sounds just great!” – quoted by the great master, Jean-Jacques Milteau.

Some festival references:

  • Jammin' the DC, Blues and Barbecue Festival (USA)
  • Moulin Blues Festival (The Netherlands)
  • Gronau Jazz & Blues Festival (Germany)
  • Blues and Jazz Rallye (Luxemburg)
  • Vache de Blues (Belgium)
  • Blues Open (The Netherlands)
  • Rauma Blues Festival (Finnland)
  • World Harmonica Festival (Germany)
  • Peer Blues Festival (Belgium)
  • Pordenone Blues Festival (Italy)
  • Blues a Roses Festival (Spain)
  • Lugos Blues Festival (Romania)
  • Blues On The Bay Festival (Ireland)
  • (Ge)Varenwinkel Festival (Belgium)
  • Harmonica Sur Cher (France)
  • Puisto Blues Festival (Finnland)
  • Budapest Blues Festival (Hungary)
  • Castlebar Blues Festival (Ireland)
  • Blues Sur Cher (France)
  • Blues for Timisoara (Romania)
  • Trossingen Blues Fabrik (Germany)
  • Sziget Festival (Hungary)
  • Breda Jazz Festival (The Netherlands)
  • Lamantin Jazz Festival (Hungary)
  • Vienna Blues Spring (Austria)
  • Blues Jamboree, Nove Zámky, (Slovakia)
  • Blues and Jazz Festival, Pancevo, (Serbia)
  • Blues Festival, Most (Czeh)
  • Octoberblues Festival (Norway)
  • BluesAlive, Sumperk (Czeh Republic)


Grunting Pigs Duo

-acoustic blues duo-

The „GRUNTING PIGS” is the real-deal, breath-taking acoustic blues duo project of multi-award winning blues harmonica wizard, singer, composer  Mátyás Pribojszki („Jumping Matt”), and his long time friend and amazing guitar player Ferenc Szász („Frank Hundred”). The mission of the Grunting Pigs is keeping the Blues Music alive. They have a unique, tasteful sound, and always lots of fun on stage!


The Grunting Pigs duo are touring a lot all around Europe, in Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherelands…  they are playing in small clubs and big venues, festivals too.

Latest album:
Grunting Pigs – Grunt away (PMCD007/2016)

Mátyás Pribojszki
Tel.: +36 70 250 6146,
e-mail: matyaspribojszki@gmail.com
web: www.gruntingpigs.com,  www.matyaspribojszki.com

Booking (Belgium, and The Netherlands):
„BLUES „N” ROOTS” – Theo Looijmans
email: bluesnroots@outlook.com
Tel.: +31 (0) 612 479 313


Pribojszki Mátyás Band
My stories

Memphis soul
Come on baby
Fat mama boogie
Can't make you stay
Soul stealin' mama
Bad weather blues again
My stories
Banging on your door
Traveling mood
Balaton boogie
Full time baby
Blues for my daddy

Grunting Pigs
Grunt away

Grunting Pigs boogie
Can't get no grinding
Aw shucks, hush your mouth
Need my baby
Hound dog
I'll play the blues for you
Tiger man
Ain't that fine
Bright lights, big city
Mystery train
Just your fool
Bring it on home

Pribojszki Mátyás Band

Zydecola boogie
Real good man
Food junkie
Farmer John
Soul shadows
Love is fake
Three kisses of love
Goobie boogie
Gonna take you home
My little angel
She put a spell on me

Pribojszki Mátyás Band
Boogie On The Ship

She Wants To Sell My Monkey
Walking Blues
Marie, Marie
Ain't Nobody's Business
Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
Good Time Charlie
I've Had My Fun
Boogie On The Ship
Switchin' In The Kitchen

Ripoff Raskolnikov & Pribojszki Mátyás
Room for two

Authumn light
Get away from that woman
Far side of town
Running home to my baby
Good boy at heart
Hard working man
My lucky day
Leaving on the morrow
Budapest boogie
No easy rider
Land of the righteous
Sweet little rider
Love is fake
Poor lonesome pilgrim
Mr. Landlord
Customer blues
Last call

Pribojszki Mátyás Band
How many more

How many more
Hard working man
I'll play the blues for you
Old fellows
Change in my weather
Glare of a sea-dog
Ain't that fine
Mystery train
The moonshiner
Dog without a bone
It's too late brother
Old rocking chair

Pribojszki Mátyás Band
Live In Budapest (Video DVD)

Gibson Creek Shuffle
Mátyás Walks
Beauty Queen
TV Boogie
Pancake Baby
Danger Zone
Switchin' In The Kitchen
Heard The News
Red Top
That's All Right
Keny's Theme
Wet Lips

Pribojszki Mátyás Band

mátyás walks
she's 19
wet lips
danger zone
beauty queen
TV boogie
i heard the news
it's all the same
kenny's theme
get myself together
what you give

Blues Fools
All these, Oldies

Just Your Fool
Bring It On Home
Can't Get No Grindin'
Ain't Nobudy's Business
Have Myself A Ball
Walking Blues
Blues With The Feeling
The Harpdressed Man
Need My Baby
Bright Lights, Big City
Fun Deal

Blues Fools
On The Move

Swingin' All Night Long
Fat Mama Boogie
Too Tight To Tame
Coffee Break
Foolin' Around
Soul Stealin' Mama
Bad Things About You
Sharp Dressed Boogie Boy
Educated Man
Shoot With Another Gone
High Class Baby

Best of Christmas

White Christmas
Boldog karácsonyt!
Hajnali hóesés
Csendes éj
Jingle Bells
Gyertyafény dal
Kiskarácsony, nagykarácsony

Blues Fools
Fools in the Blues

Bad Weather Blues
Fools In The Blues
Lookin' Through The Keyhole
Little Body Rock
Daddy Was A Boozer
I Don't Feel Well
My Baby Caught The Train
Shake Time
I Wanna Dance With You


Click on the image to watch the video!

Mátyás Pribojszki Band
Memphis Soul (official video)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band - Love is fake (official video 2015)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band
Real Good Man (Official video)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band - Good time Charlie (live video 2016)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band - Can't make you stay (live video 2016)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band
I\'ve had my fun (100% LIVE! 2010.)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band
Boogie on the ship
Mátyás Pribojszki Band
Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth. 100 % Live! (2010.)
Mátyás Pribojszki Band\'s song
„TV Boogie” from the „Live in Budapest” dvd
Mátyás Pribojszki Band\'s song
„Pancake Baby” from the „Live in Budapest” dvd
Mátyás Pribojszki Band
Marie, Marie. 100 % Live! (2010.)
Mátyás Pribojszki, Enrico Crivellaro, Raphael Wressnig
Finnországban a Puisto Blues Fesztiválon 2009.
The recording of Mátyás Pribojszki\'s and Ripoff Raskolnikov\'s
„Room for two” album, 2009.


2018-05-06 13:00:00
Gleisdorf (A), Jumping Matt and his Combo at the Biobauernhof Scharler
2018-05-11 20:00:00
Győr, Richter terem, Boogie Woogie Night /w Mr. Firehand. Special guest: Jumping Matt
2018-05-12 19:00:00
Budapest, Anna Skybar, Jumping Matt and his Combo feat. Mr. Firehand, Private Event
2018-05-19 19:00:00
Paloznak, Homola Borterasz "Blues a szőlőben", Jumping Matt and his Combo
2018-06-09 18:00:00
Gerjen, Rock Fesztivál, Jumping Matt and his Combo
2018-06-10 16:00:00
Budapest, Hegyvidéki Napok, Gesztenyés Park (Mom Kult), Jumping Matt and his Combo
2018-06-21 19:30:00
Szolnok, Tiszavirág Fesztivál, Jumping Matt and his Combo feat. Custom Big Band
2018-06-29 20:00:00
Basel (CH), Summer Blues Festival, Grunting Pigs
2018-06-30 21:00:00
Veszprém, Balluff Családi Nap, Grunting Pigs
2018-07-07 22:00:00
Csopak, Pálinka Fesztivál, Grunting Pigs
2018-07-22 20:00:00
Balatonalmádi, Hungarikum Fesztivál, Jumping Matt and his Combo
2018-07-26 18:00:00
Budapest, Kobuci Kert, Blues Fesztivál, Jumping Matt and his Combo
2018-07-28 20:00:00
Moscenicka Draga (HR), "Opatija Blues Night", Pribojszki Mátyás Band
2018-08-04 20:00:00
Neszmély (Baj), Neszmélyi Borünnep, Jumping Matt and his Combo





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